Renniks Group Environmental Policy

This is a basic environmental policy to minimise our impact on the environment. We will expand it as we see opportunities to do so.
We believe in contributing to a better world rather than standing by on the sidelines.

Where possible, boxes and packaging is recycled material.
New cartons are made from recycled paper.
Fully recycled cartons are used where possible

Carton Filling
The protective packaging inside our boxes is completely recycled.
We may use recycled cardboard or recycled bubble wrap (that someone sent to us).
We usually use recycled & biodegradable starch-based packing “peanuts”. The starch in the “peanuts” comes from crop-based sources rather than petroleum-based polystyrene and is non-toxic. They are made from the sorghum, corn or wheat starch. Starch-based “peanuts” dissolve on contact with the water and have been used as garden compost.

In April 2019, Renniks Group replaced failing fluorescent lighting systems with low energy LED Lighting throughout our entire warehouse, outdoor and office areas.

Toner in our printing systems is supplied in recycled cartridges.
All memo notepaper is internally recycled product.
All non-critical electronics are turned off outside of office hours.

Waste Disposal
Cartons not fit for further use are dropped at the local Recycling Centre.